About Numerology


It is your personal blueprint for this lifetime.

The study of your full birthdate and full birth name reveals your soul’s blueprint that will steer you and guide you towards your true inner self, giving you direction in this life, revealing your life lessons and life cycles, which will show you what your opportunities for growth and learning are for your personal development and fulfillment.
Numerology helps to increase your understanding of others and gives insight into your loved ones especially if you are wanting to see how compatible you are and how to be guided in working through relationship challenges.
It is also useful when identifying a new business or current business to ensure that you make it work for you to its fullest potential.
These reports are done via email and in person on client requests.


Various Numerology reports offered

Personal reading
Children’s reading
Compatibility reading
Business reading
Year ahead forecast


5 working days to complete






Numerology is the bridge between who you are now
and who you have the potential to be.
– Unknown

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