Holistic Therapy Services


For Body, Mind & Soul



Promotes health and well-being and improves the immune system


An Indian Head Massage covers the head, hair, neck, shoulders and upper back.

Crystal Healing

A treatment can be done on its own or with Reiki and is specific to the clients needs.


The study of your full birthdate and full birth name reveals your soul’s blueprint that will steer you and guide you towards your true inner self


Essential oil blends can be mixed for any condition and used externally on the body.

Flower Remedies

The flower essence remedies ultimately heal a person’s emotional and mental states as the root cause

Access Facelift

After 20 treatments it is believed that the body locks in the changes and you will either stop or even reverse the aging process


These are guided readings, whether it be a general reading or on specific questions. Readings can be done in person, over email or whats app.


Attunements are meditations that brings a person towards enlightenment and raises their sprirual vibration

Animal Communication

Communicating with nervous animals is a way of showing them love.

Mindfulness Coaching

For a more holistic and wellbeing lifestyle it is necessary to be more mindful in all that we do




Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 and Masters

Numerology Workshop Module 1 and 2


About Emerald Healing

Emerald Healing was started by Helen Reis to offer her services in healing, teaching and readings.


Helen is a certified Reiki Master, a Numerologist, offers oracle and rune readings, Indian Head massages,  Antaneea healing massages and Access Bars energetic facelift treatments. She also facilitates numerology, Reiki and other holistic workshops.

With all her treatments she offers crystal healing, essential oils products and flower essence blends.

Helen is passionate in what she does and takes a personal and holistic approach to giving her clients the fundamental experience and healing that each one deserves.